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Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) will be assisting nearly 500 students with temporary accommodation so that they can complete their December examinations.

These are students living in off-campus accommodation whose leases expire today (30 November) but who still need to write exams in December as a result of the University’s extended academic year.

“It is not the students’ fault that the academic year had to be extended. That’s why we’re here to support them,” says NMMU Director of Housing Dr Shuping Mpuru.

Originally, close to 2000 students living in flats, garden cottages and communes throughout the metro and George applied for temporary alternative accommodation.

However, with most of the larger examinations completed by today and the option of writing in January, the number of students who will take advantage of the temporary accommodation opportunity has dwindled to 471.

Many landlords have also kindly extended their leases to their student tenants at minimal or no extra cost.  

However, those students who have not been so fortunate will be accommodated at no charge in either on-campus or accredited off-campus residences until they have completed their exams.

“It has been a trying time for our students. It is the least we can do,” said Dr Mpuru.

NMMU examinations end on 15 December. At least 70% of students appear to have opted to complete the majority of their examinations this year, as opposed to January next year. However, students were given the option of choosing to write some now and some later.

The 2017 examinations will run from 9 to 24 January.  

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