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Contingency plans are being put in place to minimize the impact of missed tests and assignments. The way this is handled will differ from programme to programme, but please be assured that academic staff are mindful of the impact that the shutdown has had on our students and will adapt their plans accordingly. 

All assessments (tests, assignments, tasks etc) have been suspended for the period of the shut-down. Unequal access to IT and the Internet means that not all students can meet these commitments and we want to emphasise that all students should be treated equally and fairly especially as it relates to assessments.

The University recognises that these are extraordinary times. Since NMMU does not yet know when classes will resume, please be assured that you will not be obliged to have it ready. We recognise that students do not have equal access to libraries, IT, or the Internet. Lecturers will advise on a new due date for such assignments when lectures resume.

Students who were not able to attend their experiential learning activities because of the present shut down will not be penalized and alternative arrangements related to such activities will be made. These are exceptional times, and the University is understanding of these challenges.

NMMU has a series of contingency plans in place to address different challenges in light of the present shutdown 

Unfortunately, there will no longer be a graduation ceremony in December. All the Graduation ceremonies will take place in April next year.

We are confident that we will complete the academic programme and that those who pass will graduate. Our main graduation is in April each year. NMMU encourages you to continue to work towards your future – which includes taking up a job offer.

Yes, you are encouraged to go ahead and apply for jobs.

The University is working with the Department of Home Affairs in an attempt to assist these students with an extension of their visas.  All such students have been informed.

NMMU is mindful that not all students have equal opportunities in accessing the Internet or retrieving books for their studies held in the libraries. Lecturers will consider such inequalities and all other challenges directly related to the shut down in preparing alternative tests, assignments, catch up tutorials and SI sessions and the like going forward.