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All prospective students are invited to apply for studies at NMMU next year. You can apply online If you are asked for pin number, please contact  or call 041 5043000. Please have your ID and student number available.

What must I do if I do not receive a student number and pin?

If you have not received your verification e-mail please check your spam/junk mail. Verify your e-mail address after which you will receive a student number and pin via sms and e-mail.

How do I complete the admission process?

Once you have received your student number and pin log-in again using the student number and pin to complete the process.

What must I do if after checking spam and/or junk mail I have not received my verification e-mail?

If you have not received a verification e-mail send your ID number and contact information (cell and e-mail) to

What must I do if my pin becomes inactive or is lost?

Contact or call 041 5043000. Please have ID and student number available.

Will application turnaround times remain as publicized?

Unfortunately due to the closure of the university these may be delayed but the Admissions Office is doing all it can to process applications as quickly as possible

Will the application closing date be extended beyond 30 October 2016?

No this will remain as publicized. The online application platform remains operational despite the university closure. Online applications and postal applications are currently being received and processed by the university.

Applications to study at NMMU in 2017 only close on 30 October. Please apply before this date with the necessary documentation (see website). Given the shutdown, there is a massive backlog of applications. Staff are working at alternative sites to work through the applications. We ask for your patience and understanding in this regard.    

CAAR testing scheduled for Saturday, 29 October and Saturday, 5 November is going ahead at an off campus venue – the David Blake Hall at Victoria Park High School. Those who have booked for this Saturday were notified of the changed venue last Monday. If you have not heard, please check your inbox or phone 041 504 2918/2082. You need to keep trying if the phone is not answered as there is only one instrument. It is manned from 9am to 3pm each day.

Testing for 5 November is virtually full. We will notify candidates of the venue change on Monday 31/10. Please check your inbox. If you have heard nothing by Tuesday morning, you can phone 014 504 2918/2082.

Thereafter, we will be testing from 21 November each day of the week – we open the sessions a couple of days at a time and try to fill sessions up so as not to have too many small sessions. Applicants can phone now to book for a session in that period.

All the remote sites are operational. If candidates are struggling to get through they must keep on trying as some of those offices are quite busy and also only have one receptionist.

Testing at sites not connected to university campuses will continue as per scheduled bookings. Testing in Durban, Bloemfontein and George take place on university campus sites which may well be closed. Please phone and check with these venues. 

  • Monday 21 November 8.30 Senate Hall North Campus – we will have student assistants at the main entrance to the North Campus building from 08.00 to direct writers to the venue.
  • Tuesday 22 and Wednesday  23 November New Lecture Theatre (425 003) on 2nd Ave Campus.
  • There is no testing on 24 November – no suitable venue and on 25 November English Home and FAL is being written.
  • From Monday 28 November to Friday 9 December we plan to test each day but I will inform you towards the end of next week concerning venues
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