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The University intended to open for staff on Monday, 17 October 2016 and for students on Tuesday, 18 October. Due to continued student protest and clashes with police, many classes were not able to resume. We wish to confirm that NMMU remains open but, as things stand, we do understand that it will not be possible to conduct classes on South Campus.

However, we will be employing a range of alternative modalities in order to best complete this year’s programmes. We will prioritise getting the modules completed for those students in their final years of study, but will also address all years of study. 

At the moment faculties are making assessments taking into consideration year levels, module types, teaching and learning requirements and a range of modalities. These include learning resources such as learning packs, digital resources, and a variety of learning spaces as well as assessment requirements.  We are also making assessments in each faculty of what is required for postgraduate students to complete their work in order to graduate next year. 

The Deans and Faculty Management Committees are putting contingency plans in place to minimize time lost. This will differ from programme to programme so you are advised to liaise directly with your lecturers or Head of Department once you are back on campus.   

The safety of staff and students is a key priority for NMMU, which is why NMMU did not open its campuses earlier. It needed assurances regarding the welfare of its staff and students that there will be a conducive learning environment.

The University wishes to affirm its belief that the NMMU community must uphold both the right to peaceful protests and the rights of others wishing to continue with their studies. However, and after careful consideration, a court order was served on 15 October.

The University remains committed to completing the academic year in 2016. We know that we need four weeks to complete lectures, three days for study leave and about three weeks for examinations. 

As we work towards returning to University, we know it is likely that the examinations will spill over into December. We know that this will have further repercussions, especially around accommodation and travel plans.

We are working hard to resume classes. NMMU is committed to completing the 2016 academic programme.